The Kind of Friends We Used to Be-Review by Samantha C.

Samantha’s Rating: 9.25

In this book, you take a journey with the two main characters named Kate and Marylin. Kate has decided to learn how to play guitar. She begins to have a new look. She buys big midnight black leather boots. Marylin has joined the cheerleading squad. Their friendship begins to dissolve slowly. Marylin’s friend Mazie dragged Marylin around everywhere whether Marylin likes it or not. Mazie tells Marylin to run for president, so the squad could get new uniforms. Marylin asked Kate for some help in the making of her posters. As they begin to make the posters their friendship begins to build once again. At the end they are friends not by the outside, but what is within. I enjoyed this book very much. The moral of this book is to not let other friends break you away from your old. True friends don’t care about how you look or what you do; they care about what is in the inside. Real friends stay until the end no matter what happens in the in between.


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